Mido Lotto

What is Autofund?

Autofund lets you automate your wallet loads. You choose the amount and Mido Lotto will top up your Mido Wallet every time it drops below a threshold you set. 

How to Set Up a new Autofund:

  1. Navigate to Account  Game Settings  Autofund 
  2. Toggle on Create Autofund and set your preferences: 
    1. Load Amount: The amount that is loaded from your connected payment account into your Mido Wallet.
    2. When balance is below: The amount that will trigger your load amount to be added to your Mido Wallet.
    3. Payment: Your selected payment method. Autofund is currently only available for players using Venmo or PayPal.
  3. Sit back, relax, and rest assured that you will always have funds to order your lucky Lottery tickets! 

You can also, Pause, Edit, Restart, or Delete your Autofund at any time from your Game Settings

How will I know that Mido Lotto has Autofunded my Mido Wallet? 

Just like a single wallet load, you will receive a receipt after your Mido Wallet is loaded using Autofund. Your transaction history can also be viewed in your Activity tab or by going to Account Help History. 

Not receiving receipts? 

Go to Account Profile to confirm your email address is correct. 

How frequently will Autofund fund my account? 

Autofund will only fund your account if the balance in your Mido Wallet falls below the threshold amount you set. If your Load Amount is below the amount needed to complete your order, Autofund will not make duplicate charges to fund your account. 

Why was my Autofund cancelled? 

Your Autofund may have been cancelled due to an error with your connected Venmo or PayPal account. 

If your bank account has insufficient funds or incorrect information, your payment method will pause any payment authorizations made to Mido Lotto. You will need to rectify your account with your payment provider (Venmo or PayPal) before you are able to restart your Autofund. 

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