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How do I add funds using E-Check?

We know that online payments can be a hassle and not everyone is comfortable using PayPal or their internet banking credentials to pay for things online. In other cases, smaller banks and credit unions can't make use of these payment methods. 

That's why Mido Lotto has partnered with ACHQ to offer an E-Check payment solution to our customers. ACHQ is one of the fastest growing electronic payment processing companies in the world. 

Payments by E-Check take 4 business days to clear (just like a paper check) and we will send you a reminder as soon as your wallet balance has been increased so you never miss a draw!

Here's how it works:

Day 1 - You initiate a payment to your Mido Lotto Wallet by E-Check (we'll send you an email to confirm)

Day 2 - You will see a "Pre-authorization" item on your bank account

Day 3 - You will see a cleared payment appear on your bank account

Day 4 - Your funds will appear in your Mido Lotto Wallet (we'll send you an email and Push message to confirm)

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