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ACH Insufficient Funds

When using the ACH network to make payments, it’s important to maintain sufficient funds in your bank account until after your payment has been processed. 

Depending on when you load your Mido Wallet, it can take 3-5 days for the transaction to appear on your bank statement

If you have insufficient funds in your account by the time the transaction is processed, our payment provider will make several more attempts to debit the funds. When this happens, you will be subject your State's fee for returned items

Please be aware that these fees are charged by the payment processors. Mido Lotto has no control over when they're charged and we do not receive any part of the fee. 

If you think you've been charged a Return Fee in error, please contact TRS by phoning 1-800-366-1048 and quote the reference number that appeared on your bank statement alongside the charge. 

Example return fee timeline

  • Suzy attempts to load her Mido Wallet with $20 on Friday night and has plenty of funds in her bank account at the time. 
  • Mido Lotto immediately credits Suzy's Mido Wallet with $20 and Suzy orders her Powerball tickets. 
  • Suzy makes several other purchases over the weekend and by Sunday night, she has less than $20 in her bank account. 
  • Suzy's bank tries to process her $20 Mido Wallet load on the next business day (Monday) but sees that there's not enough money available to make the payment.
  • Suzy's bank lets the ACH network know that the payment cannot be made.
  • The payment processor tries to process the payment a couple of days later but there's still not enough money in Suzy's account. 
  • Suzy's bank lets the ACH network know that the payment still cannot be made. 
  • The payment processor tries to process the payment again a week later and this time there's enough money in Suzy's account to allow the transaction to go through. 
  • At this point, the original $20 wallet load will appear on Suzy's bank account - 2 weeks after she originally loaded her Mido Wallet. 
  • The payment processor charges Suzy a $25 returned item fee. 
  • Suzy's bank processes the $25 fee and it appears on her bank statement a few days later.

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