Mido Lotto

How Do I Check My Tickets?

When you buy tickets for a drawing, Mido will notify you when the drawing has happened and remind you that your tickets are now ready to check. (If you declined notifications you can turn them on by locating the Mido Lotto app in your phone settings. )

When notified, you may click on the notifications (push and also in the app) and it will take you to the appropriate ticket cluster located in your ticket wheel (far right on bottom navigation UI). Any cluster with a Green Star Icon has tickets that are ready to check. Mido will lookup the winning numbers and compare these numbers with all of your tickets bought for that draw. If you want, you can control the speed of Mido's ticket checking then you can use the slider bar that appears bottom left. You can even pause or start over.

If you have winnings, Mido will calculate your total winnings and deposit them directly into your account. For groups, Mido will divide winnings based upon the percentage each member put in the pot for that drawing.

Once tickets are checked, Mido sends you an email with details of your tickets and total winnings/winning numbers. In the history, located in settings, Mido also makes an entry for each group of tickets that are checked and provided information on tickets numbers, winning numbers, number of players, total winnings, the date you have checked those tickets and if you are lucky, any collected winnings.

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