Mido Lotto

How do I order lottery tickets?

Select a game in your Play tab by tapping the green Play Now button. 

Next, select how you’d like to order: 

  • Self Pick: select your own numbers or choose from your Favorites (tip: to select Quick Pick numbers, tap Let Mido Pick or swipe down on the screen)

  • +1 Quick Pick: automatically add 1 Quick Pick ticket to your cart

  • +5 Quick Pick: automatically add 5 Quick Pick tickets to your cart 

  • +10 Quick Pick: automatically add 10 Quick Pick tickets to your cart

Quick Pick lets Mido Lotto pick the numbers for you using our random number generator. 

Tapping Add to Cart and then tapping Checkout will take you to your Mido Wallet. If you don't have enough funds to cover the cost of your order, you will need to load your wallet using one of our payment options. 

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