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How do I create a group?

When you open the Mido Lotto app select "Groups" from the bottom navigation bar. Then press the plus sign that says "Create Group". 

Then follow the on-screen wizard for group creation to name the group, add a photo, select the game to play, and then you can go about inviting friends. It is more fun to play together and who knows what might happen?

The key point to remember in groups, you have to buy tickets to be eligible for the winnings.

Winnings paid out based upon the each member's percentage of ownership stake. For example: a group with three players: Manny, Moe, and Jack. Manny has bought and added 5 tickets to the group, Moe has bought and contributed 3 tickets and Jack has only bought only 2 tickets for the group. Therefore each individual's ownership is based on this simple calculation tickets your bought/total tickets in the group:

  • Manny's ownership is 50% as he bought 5 out of 10 tickets in the group.
  • Moe's ownership is 30% as he bought 3 out of 10 tickets in the group.
  • Jack's ownership is 20% as he bought 2 out of 10 tickets in the group.

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